Sure, you can pick a paint color or other building protective coatings to complete the appearance of your exterior, but should you? The answer depends on how you want your property to look and how long you want your wall covering to last. Protective coatings do not just have to be flat paints. When installed by experienced contractors, these finishes can be made to look like stone or stucco, but why get a synthetic when you can get the real deal?

Brick and Stone

Brick and stonework are beautiful and classic. There is no denying that. However, neither are going to last forever and both are prone to cracking and separating, meaning that you will have to perform a lot of upkeep, especially if it wasn’t installed correctly to begin with.


Stucco is another timeless approach to finishing the exterior of your commercial property, but it does not perform as well as other synthetic building protective coatings. Stucco is prone to cracking and breaking away. Granted, you will have a beautiful looking building initially, but after four or five years you will begin to notice the wear and tear.


Synthetic materials may not have a catchy or sexy name, but they are durable. Synthetic simply means that the material was designed and manufactured. It was created to be strong and long-lasting. Additionally, these materials can be manipulated and controlled, meaning that if you want a brick look, you can have it. Not only will you have a brick-like façade, but you will have one that lasts twice as long without showing wear and tear.

Building protective coatings have come a long way. You no longer only have a selection of paint or cheap vinyl. Synthetic coatings allow you to have the appearance you want, but with the durability of something greater. However, to take full advantage of these coatings, you will want to work with someone who is experienced in these materials, don’t attempt to DIY your whole property.

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