Building protective coatings does not only refer to epoxy finishes or exterior paints. The term can also refer to window film. These films are highly customizable and help to increase the durability of your corporate property’s windows. Because commercial windows are typically quite large, it is a good idea to hire a professional installer to prevent air bubbles and creases in the finished product. However, beyond durability, what does window film offer a business?

Logos and Pictures

Window film is a beautiful way to utilize previously unusable space for advertising and marketing. You can make a custom print of your company’s logo and even pictures of some of your merchandise or services. This simple step can boost sales by showing passers by what your business does.

Slogans and Taglines

Beyond pictures, these building protective coatings can be imprinted with slogans and taglines, also helping with marketing. Additionally, you can play with the lettering size, font and placement to ensure maximum exposure and visibility.

Privacy with Pizazz

Window film can also be used to create privacy. For instance, if you own a dentist office or hair salon, clients may not want everyone to see what is going on inside. However, even frosted film can be customized with pictures, sayings, designs, etc. The sky is the limit, and a professional installer can help you customize something that works for you and your business.

Window film is one of the most unique building protective coatings because it not only protects your windows, it gives you a surface to spread your brand message. The amount of detail and style you put into your windows is up to you. You can have full window coverings that are completely private, or you can have modular coverings that only cover certain areas. As far as what each film looks like, that is entirely customizable. However, you will likely want the assistance of a professional installer to ensure the best results.

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