Have you had problems in the past with exterior paints peeling or fading in the sun? Do your floors get scuffed and damaged often? Are your windows prone to scratches and cracks? If applied correctly by licensed and certified contractors, building protective coatings can make all the difference. These coatings use nanotechnology to increase the strength and resistance of almost any surface in your facility.

Long-lasting Wall Paints

Typically, wall paints fade when exposed to prolonged sunlight, and no matter how often you get paints that claim resilience to this fading, the first summer after painting you can begin to see a difference in color. Nanotechnology, with its UV protection, has been implemented into some paints, allowing for that longer-lasting finish you have been hoping for. These paints, sometimes referred to as super paints, use Nano-clay and other noncorrosive polymers to give the exterior of your facility a style that will last for years to come.

Durable Floor Finishes

Another benefit to Nano infused building protective coatings is that they are durable, meaning that they can stand up against the constant flow of foot traffic through your business. Companies have now developed heavy duty coatings, like epoxy, that can be used on any horizontal surface. These coatings are not porous and therefore will not stain. Also, they are resistant to denting from falling items.

Strong and Scratch Resistant Glass

Beyond the changes in coatings for walls and floors, nanotech has improved the longevity of glass. Through scratch resistant coatings, your windows will continue to look as clear as the day they were installed.

Building protective coatings have come a long way since the advancement of nanotechnology, and because of these improvements, business owners can spend less time worrying about appearances and more time focused on the customer experience. However, these specialized coatings will likely require the hands of skilled laborers to ensure correct installation.

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