Whether you’re in the middle of a new home construction project or undergoing extensive remodeling, the elements can really take a toll on all your building materials. Before your entire building is sealed and every surface is installed, find out how you can protect your investment and ensure blemish-free surfaces throughout your home.

Weather-Related Damage During Construction

Rain, snow and mud can all scratch, chip, rust and otherwise damage building materials. If you have interior items stored outdoors, have a temporary weakness in your building envelope or your contractors are frequently coming in and out of your home during a construction project, it’s easy for the elements to get in the way. Small amounts of water, mud, salt or snow can damage materials that would otherwise be protected from harsh elements.

Don’t let a little mud scratch your expensive granite countertops. New window walls and curtain walls can also be damaged by rain and snow before siding and other protective layers are installed. Your home is in a fragile state during construction or remodeling. Instead of hoping to avoid rain and snow damage, you can ensure the safety of your construction materials and your home by investing in protective coating.

Durable Defense Against the Elements

Protective coating is an innovative material that creates a thin, durable layer across your surfaces. Whether already installed or waiting for your contractors, any material that is susceptible to damage from the elements during construction can be covered with protective coating.

Receive a quote today, or ask your contractor about using this UV-blocking, water-resistant material to protect your investment. Don’t let a sudden thunderstorm or snow and salt damage your tile, marble, wood or granite building materials. Failure to properly protect your construction project while it’s in process could push back timelines, create additional work and damage your valuable building materials before you have the chance to enjoy your dream home.

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