Safeguard Your Commercial Building’s Exterior With Paint Coats

Builder on suspended construction cradle paint the shasad of a new residential building. Mobile scaffolding platform for construction work at height. Insulation and wall cladding, cleaning, plastering

Maybe you spent a lot of time searching for the perfect commercial building for your business. Even if you didn’t, take steps to protect your investment and the overall appearance of your commercial real estate property. The right protective coating for buildings ensures that your property withstands the rigors of the environment and time.


If you house your business in a building with a lot of high-carbon and stainless steel, consider applying a polyurethane top coat or sealant. The coating has a reputation for long-lasting, substantial performance in various climates. Polyurethane also safeguards buildings against condensation, abrasions, synthetic and natural chemicals and impacts. You also do not have to worry about your business exterior suffering from rusting with this steel-protecting application.


If you’re aiming for unparalleled protection for steel and iron against corrosion, look no further than a protective coating made from zinc. This option performs best when applied immediately after manufacture. Even then, you can still apply a zinc protective coating for buildings years later via a spray or paint. After applying it, the coating seals itself to the surface to ward off rust and corrosion to keep your building looking great for years to come.

Acrylic Waterproofing

If the area you live in receives substantial rainfall, think about protecting your building’s roof with acrylic waterproofing. The coating comes in several colors and works on almost any type of commercial building.

Powder Coating

Noted for providing a durable finish that lasts for years, powder coating works most favorably when applied to commercial buildings soon after construction and manufacturing. To apply the protective coating for buildings, either dip steel into a fluidized powder coating or use an electrostatically charged powder application. To melt the powder and create a powerful finish, you must heat steel at a high temperature. You can even personalize the protective properties of powder coating, including UV protection, chemical exposure protection and abrasion resistance.

Make sure that the outside of your building looks its best. Work with protective coating professionals to choose the best option for your property.