Easily Removed Protective Coatings for Commercial Builds

A commercial construction project is completed in many phases, and many elements face repeated exposure to harsh elements like water, debris and UV damage. There are many ways a contractor or developer could try to protect a building under construction, but spray-on building coatings are the most effective. Armor Guard coatings are durable, tough and highly effective.

Simple Yet Sturdy

Protective coatings are put in place to protect glass, seals and other vulnerable components that are left exposed to damaging elements during the lifespan of a construction project. The coating is easily applied, and despite providing protection against scratches, fire or serious concerns, the coating can be easily removed when the project is over. The spray-on coating is simply peeled off without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Contractors have several protective options, though powder coatings are more costly and time-consuming to apply. Powder coating requires special equipment to properly apply, and there is a considerable delay before the application has cured and becomes durable. Spray-on coatings, which can also be rolled on, dry quickly in the right external or internal environment and easily peel off when it isn’t needed anymore. There isn’t any feeling of adhesive or grease left behind once the material is pulled off, either. There is no extra labor needed to clean up surfaces or additional chemicals needed to restore shine or luster to building materials.

Spray on building coatings can be used on different surfaces without fear. It can be applied to almost any non-porous material, keeping you from having to change your protective options or your building materials. The application can last for years, even though it is extremely easy to peel up and remove. The protection will generally last as long as the project is underway, or around three years.

Are you getting ready to start a commercial building project? Consider the benefits of a spray-on building coating, particularly with the easy removal on the project is complete.