Protecting Your Construction Projects with Armor Guard

No matter how careful you are about handling the surfaces in your construction projects, accidents can still occur. From scratched surfaces to dents and dings, the once beautiful materials can suddenly look dull or marred. You can take an important step to protect your projects that not many people consider by using Armor Guard. It can easily safeguard all the vulnerable areas with a protective layer. From countertop coatings to added window safety, it can be a valuable protection.


Armor Guard is a water-soluble coating that is peelable and VOC-free. Originally called “Glass Guard,” the protective film has become a staple on construction sites. The temporary coating is still a valuable window protection, but it can also be applied to other surfaces. Contractors use it for countertop coatings, exterior building protection, and cabinet safeguards. The film is UV resistant, provides a tough finish, and can last at least 3 years.


The second-skin membrane can be a valuable tool on your job site when you are trying to protect your glass warranty or keep your paint from being damaged. The film is abrasion and water-resistant, making it a perfect protection for both semi-porous and non-porous substrates. Best of all, it is non-flammable and non-corrosive.


When working on a construction project, you don’t want to worry about the surfaces you put up last month or three months ago. With Armor Guard, it is easy to apply the film to any surface and walk away knowing the area will be protected while you move on to another area of the construction project.

With a long-lasting, 3-year coating in place, you can rest assured the countertop coatings, and window protections will be in place while you finish the entire project. Consider adding Armor Guard to your next construction job and see how easy it is to use.