Protective Coatings Keep Your Surfaces Unspoiled

Home construction and reconstruction projects are often time-consuming and fairly expensive. At the end of your efforts, one of the last things you want is for new windows, flooring, and countertops to be damaged – either during the construction process or after the dust has settled. Armor Guard protective coatings, including peelable countertop coatings, ensure that your new surfaces are as beautiful and sturdy as you expect.

Your Surfaces Are at Risk

Building materials, especially those that are decorative and fragile, are at risk during the construction period. Your new interior products may be stored outside at some point and gaps in the new building envelope may occur, especially when there’s a lot of traffic into and out of your home. Dirt and salt could be tracked into the home, exposing surfaces to abrasive damage. Rain, mud, snow, and wind-blown debris may scratch and chip surfaces or lead to rust and other types of damage.

Protective Coatings Offer a Solution

The good news is there’s a convenient solution. A thin, layer of scratch- and water-resistant material can be sprayed or rolled onto surfaces of all types, including wood, tile, marble, granite, travertine, and quartz. Armor Guard countertop coatings are also used to protect other surfaces, such as:

  • Windows
  • Bath enclosures
  • Flooring
  • Most non-porous surfaces

Whether the coating is sprayed on or rolled on, you can expect protection from harmful UV rays, water and moisture, and other physical hazards. A non-adhesive bond is created between the surface and the coating, so it is easy to peel away when the time is appropriate.

Protective Coatings Have Been Tested and Approved

Armor Guard protective countertop coatings generally come with a guarantee that your surfaces will be safe from harsh climates and a variety of environments, including rural, coastal, and urban locations. The coatings excel in both interior and exterior locations. This guarantee has been independently tested on real-world products in these, and many other, conditions. Reach out to professionals to learn more about this protection for your new home surfaces.