Window Protection Increases Your Comfort and Peace of Mind

Natural light is a beautiful addition to any type of home décor. When sunlight streams through your windows, it makes the space look larger and feel more inviting. It can warm your home and help you keep your energy costs low. Naturally, there are some risks involved with large window openings:

  • Too much exposure to UV rays
  • Loss of heat during cold weather
  • Fading of carpets, drapes, and upholstery

Homebuilders often minimize these risks by using Low-E, or low emissivity, glass. When this specialized glass is used in windows, microscopic layers of metallic oxide create an invisible shield that turns away harmful UV rays while filtering beautiful sunlight into your home. Once Low-E windows are installed, it’s more important than ever to provide effective window protection.

The Risks to Window Glass

You may have noticed damaged windows in older buildings. Exposure to UV light, windblown debris, and water from snow and rain can leave windows scratched and hard to see through. Other natural elements and man-made pollution, such as the exhaust from passing cars, expose window glass to even more damage.

Effective window protection keeps your window glass safe and clear for several years. Scratch-resistant coatings boost the longevity of your windows, improve the defense against UV rays, and help prevent fading of the fabrics within your home.

The Need for Protective Window Coatings

Professionals install the protective coating by spraying or rolling it on. Once the coating is in place, it adheres to the glass without the use of adhesives. Window protection provides you with peace of mind and helps you maintain a comfortable and inviting home. Professionally applied protective coatings also safeguard the investments you’ve made in your home and décor. Coatings that offer protection don’t have to be applied before the windows are installed. Contact professionals to assess your windows and explain the process of applying coatings to your windows.