Extra Protection During the Construction Process

Whether it is a major remodel or an upgrade, the construction process is a busy time. Mistakes happen, and this can often lead to damage to window walls, granite finishes, flooring and curtain walls. A protective coating for buildings guards against damages in an effective and simple way. This product is the solution to unexpected damages to both exterior and interior surfaces. The construction and manufacturing sectors have already learned the value of temporary coatings that are applied during the construction process. When the heavy lifting is done and the danger is passed, the coatings can simply be removed and disposed of with other other site debris.

Impressive Protection

When a protective coating for buildings is applied, it creates a watertight, second skin over the materials that need protection. This approach has a long list of benefits:

  • Protects against UV damage 
  • Does not allow any UV bond or transfer
  • Keeps out moisture
  • Guards against physical damage
  • Lasts for up to three years

The product is VOC and solvent-free. The coating goes on the substrate without creating an adhesive bond, making it easy to peel away when the construction work is finished, a true advantage over protective tapes and plastics. It is applicable to a variety of situations and materials.

Solid Features

This versatile product is sold in a liquid state, and then it is either sprayed or rolled onto the desired surfaces. This allows the protective coating for buildings to fit precisely onto the items it protects. Extensive research has gone into the efficacy of the coating, both in the lab and in accordance with paint, glass, silicone and gasket manufacturers. The protective coatings also have years of success out in the real world, having served some of the largest construction companies in the U.S. It has helped office complexes, skyscrapers and government buildings avoid the harm that can come with construction, making it a proven way to protect surfaces.